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Chatham Mills flooding - No service in Pittsboro this week

Hi all,

This afternoon's rain did some serious damage to our Chatham Mills Ministry Space. We had a retaining wall collapse, breaking windows and causing serious flooding throughout our section of the building ... not our kind of #DominoEffect!!!

We're working with Tom Roberts (our landlord), Summit Engineering and the water mitigation team at ResolvePro (together with a great team of plumbers, welders, and brick-layers) to begin repairs in the space. At this time, we don't yet know the extent of the damage.

What does this mean for us?

In the immediate future, we'll be cancelling our services in Pittsboro for this Sunday. We considered several options in an intense and comedically water-logged strategy session and we just couldn't pull off a good plan for this week.

We will have our regularly scheduled 10:00am service with full Chatham Kids programming at our Woods Charter School campus (click here for details). We would love for you to join us there if you're interested and able.

We remain deeply committed to loving and serving our neighbors in Pittsboro. What God's doing in our church is a blessing to all of Chatham and our last year and a half in Pittsboro has connected us with so many more people from across different corners of our community. 

We're proud to be ONE church in TWO locations and, at the same time, are delighted that the consequences of this "act of God" means that we have to spend some time together in one place. This is going to be a fun Sunday!

Hope to see you Sunday at 10am at Woods Charter School!

Alex and Steve

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