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This is one of the great secrets in our battle with jealousy. If you find your jealousy meter ringing uncontrollably, you've discovered something you've pre-decided you needed in order to be joyful. You're not getting it, hence the jealousy.... Keep Reading

Suffering wasn't a surprise twist in their story. Suffering was expected, like a deep darkness before a certain dawn.... Keep Reading

What if God is actually transforming you in the midst of your pain? What if he's having an effect on the lives of people around you as they witness you walk through your dark valley?... Keep Reading

Four practical steps toward cleansing ourselves from jealousy and creating space for more joy in our lives... Keep Reading

Paul's writing helps us break the false dichotomy between head and heart.... Keep Reading

Real joy comes as we have a healthy attachment and engagement with the things of this world--especially the people God has given to us to love.... Keep Reading

We Are Family: Philippians 1:7

Posted August 27, 2014 |4 Comments

There's a connection between all of us who share in God's grace together.... Keep Reading

Jesus is present in every relationship, every encounter, every interaction ... whether we're aware of him or not.... Keep Reading

Together - Philippians 1:1

Posted August 25, 2014 |12 Comments

All of what we're going to hear about in the Letter to the Philippians happens in community. The Letter is written in community and received in community.... Keep Reading

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