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North Chatham | 10:00am

Pittsboro | 9:15am // 10:45am

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Really Just Human

Which of these truths do you have a harder time connecting with: that Jesus is really human or that Jesus is not just another human?...

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Every square inch

Every place you go, every conversation you have, every person you meet … Christ is Lord over all....

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All God's Children

You only have a relationship with the Father through his only true Son....

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Promise-Keeping God

In Jesus, we see the promise-making God keeping his promises and, more than that, fulfilling his promises in spectacular ways....

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How to make an icebreaker awkward

The writers of this Creed knew Jesus was polarizing....

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The Particular-ness of the Creed

There’s a particular-ness that emerges when the Creed takes the turn from the Mighty-Creator-Father to the Christ-Son-Lord Jesus....

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The Creator of Heaven and Earth

God created the heavens and the earth. He made it all and he owns it all. From top to bottom, it’s his....

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He's Mighty Mighty

We hold on to this tension and believe in an Almighty God even in the face of a world full of pain and suffering....

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God the Father

We relate to God as children relating to their father....

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What does it mean to believe?

Exploring our relationship with belief...

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