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Archives for March 2018

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Anyone can say the words. ...

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Theological conundrums

What do you do when you bump into things Jesus says or does that you don’t approve of, don’t understand, or don’t enjoy? ...

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Cutting in line

We’re invited by God today to witness the friendliness of Jesus....

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On Emotional Whiplash

What we do in the face of emotional whiplash and deep disappointment makes all the difference in the world. ...

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Including Jesus

This week, as we explore Jesus’ interaction with the friends of the paralytic and the crowd that had gathered to hear him teach, we’ll have an opportunity to listen to Jesus for ourselves....

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Whatever it takes

They would do whatever it takes to get their friend to Jesus....

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Looking for cues

These aren’t the only times or the only ways to bring people to Jesus. But some of us need a nudge....

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The Choices of Friendship

When Jesus healed the paralyzed man in response to the faith of the man’s radical friends, a bunch of different people had a bunch of different decision to make....

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Meaningful Friendship

In spiritual friendship, we connect in meaningful ways with another person and, ultimately, through that relationship, with God....

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All those alls

How might this influence our relationships with people with whom we might disagree? ...

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The one about the ones

Our view of who God is shapes our view of who we are and, consequently, influences all of our relationships....

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