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No Longer Slaves

Slaves work day-in and day-out. They have no rest from their labors. But our heavenly Father wants to give us good, good rest....

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Rest as Imitation

Our reasons for rest reach back to the ground of creation and the dawn of time. ...

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Waiting for Goodness

In times of restlessness, the knowledge that the Lord is real and really loves us changes everything....

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Surprised by Trouble

Some of our restlessness is fueled by our surprise that troubles show up in our lives....

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One Thing I Ask

We are at our most realistic when we realize his realness and reallocate our attention accordingly....

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Light, Salvation, Stronghold

Fear can drive restlessness....

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A Community of Support

The same Lord who gives shelter and security and sleep also gives support to those who dream the dreams he so generously gives....

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The Lord gives sleep

Every night when you drift off to sleep, you have a powerful reminder that you are loved by God....

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The Lord and Giver of Rest

There’s almost always more work to do than can ever be done....

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The Lord and his Creation

The Lord’s will is not bound to ours as if he’s a marionette being pulled by the strings of our activity....

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