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Your Great Work

Don’t give in to the temptation to compare your great work to others....

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Great opposition

When you embark on great work in your own life, you probably won’t have people trying to get you killed. But it may feel like it....

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Given great work

When we live crazy busy lives, we miss out on the great work God’s given us to do....

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Part of Something Epic

Enter into this passage imaginatively. ...

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Better Together

You cannot go off by yourself and grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ....

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MadLibs Love

Only love can hold us together. ...

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Power for Connection

Paul’s prayer for power which leads to strength isn’t focused on doing and achieving. Instead, Paul wants his friends to have the rich and beautiful experience of intimacy with Jesus Christ....

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A Good and Engaged Father

The special relationship you have with God gives you strong permission to open your heart to him in prayer....

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Don't be discouraged

The reflected glory shines brightly in the dark....

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On display in the church

God’s choice to identify with us was, according to Paul, his way of making his wisdom known to the entire cosmos....

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