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When the Giant is in your Hands

Moments like these reveal what’s inside of us. What do we choose to do in the opportune moment?...

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A Giant Complex

Don’t be discouraged. Complex problems are just that. And they can be overcome. ...

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Surprised in the desert

The desert is both a challenge and an opportunity...

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Don't Drink the Water

We easily underestimate the influence we have on others. An idle word or comment or bit of action or inaction can carry outsized cachet. ...

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Explaining the Risk

Good Bible readers will float and test theories as to why things are happening in the text and why people say and do the things they do....

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Water that's more than water

Food and water are almost always more than food and water....

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Do Something New

History never repeats itself exactly. And the new thing that happens can be remarkable....

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At Harvest Time

Although the Bible is intimately concerned with the highest spiritual themes, it doesn’t shy away from engaging with issues like hunger and thirst....

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Paper, Rock, Slingshot

When we refuse to fight the giant on the giant's terms, the Lord can lead us via creative paths to a meaningful victory....

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An Interactive Reading of Psalm 23

David spent his youth working as a shepherd. His experience there marked every corner of his life, from his leadership to his spirituality. ...

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