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At work behind the scenes

This is a God who is worthy to be praised. ...

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What has God given you?

Don’t let anyone convince you that you have nothing to offer. And don’t let the spirit of comparison creep into your heart. Bring to the table exactly what God has given you and do so joyously....

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Generous like him

We’ve seen time and time again how our community generously responds to neighbors in crisis and global needs. We’ve made sacrifices to help others. And it’s so worth it....

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Depending on Others

The myth of the self-made, bootstrap-pulling, hard-working, independent hero stumbles in seasons like these....

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A Pregnant Moment

Tremendous pressures pile up to move the wheels of the world and of our lives....

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The Right Person

Pause for a moment and thank God for putting the right people in your life in decisive moments. ...

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Rumblings in Your Heart

The ongoing rumblings in Joseph’s heart foreshadow an upcoming work of God in Joseph’s life....

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The Second Chair

Joseph leaned in and was faithful to do the work God had given him to do....

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Giving credit

Joseph wants to rely on God. And that’s what makes him extraordinary....

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Don’t lose hope if you can’t chart a clear course from where you are today to where you hope to be....

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