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Strange Paths

Jesus’ need to go through Samaria had nothing to do with logistics and travel efficiency and everything to do with his mission to seek and save the lost....

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Seeking Jesus

Our obsession with being right keeps us from being loving and, in effect, keeps us from experiencing full and deep and rich intimacy with Jesus....

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Finding Common Ground

Doing this requires courage....

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Check your posture

All too often our conversations across religious divides devolve into petty arguments....

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What about other religions?

People feel strongly about their gods....

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Grace and Mercy when you need them

In our time of need, we need to know that God is at work restraining evil. He’s not absent. He isn’t on vacation or taking a nap. He’s fully engaged....

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Bad stuff and bad behavior

Bad stuff can tempt us to bad behavior....

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Jesus and empathy

Jesus doesn’t just feel sorry for us; he shares our emotional state....

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Centering our hope on Jesus

Centering our hope on Jesus and holding firmly to our faith allows us to reject the unhealthy options that present themselves to us in our times of crisis....

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What about the bad stuff?

When bad things happen, we can find our faith shaken. We trust the Lord, but that trust gets tested. And that’s okay....

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