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Connecting people to God and to each other

Pittsboro // 9:15 & 10:45

N Chatham // 9:15 & 10:45

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The Swinging Pendulum

Rapid expansion doesn’t repudiate smallness. In fact, smallness is a necessary and significant element of the life of Christian community....

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Grow and Change

Growth brings change. Change brings challenges. Challenges bring choices....

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A Small Seed

God isn’t afraid to start small. That’s how he always does it. ...

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Teaching in parables

What’s your willingness to wrestle with God as you come into this week? ...

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Principles of Community Connection

Nothing can help us connect with difficult people quite like the presence of Jesus....

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The Mirror of Conflict

So often our hesitations about the people we distrust have as much to do with our own fears and pride as anything having to do with “them.” ...

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The Beauty of Gatekeeping

Apart from Jesus, none of these disciples would have received an invite to Levi’s party … and none of these disciples would have had access to Levi’s social network....

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The Zealot and the Tax Collector

Jesus packed a riot into a small group. And that small group changed the world....

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The Taxman

Tax collectors in Judea in the days of Jesus’ earthly ministry had remarkably complex jobs....

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Look at this group

Healthy small groups will connect us to people we wouldn’t ordinarily connect with thought means we wouldn’t ordinarily use in ways that radically challenge us to mature and grow. ...

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