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Not Good Enough

Though God is not mentioned once in Genesis 37, we later discover that he was at work all throughout this painful and difficult episode....

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That Dreamer

Let’s refuse to participate in the destructive practice of dehumanization....

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Immature Dreams

Our dreams can reveal our areas of immaturity, as can our way of communicating them. ...

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Against favoritism

Favoritism is one of many broken relational patterns that separate us from each other....

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Past a first impression

We can’t rid ourselves of our automatic habit of capturing first impressions as we meet new people, but we can cultivate habits of attention that allow us to look beyond those initial judgements....

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Not sent alone

The Lord constantly works through communities. For every great figure in the story of our faith, we also find the Lord sending them friends....

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Blessed to be a blessing

As God’s blessings pile up in and around us, we need to share them with others. Only then will God’s blessings to us be complete....

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A Covenant Framework

God holds up his side of the covenant. Though his covenant purposes advance over rocky terrain, they advance nonetheless....

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Go and went

God's invitation stands. It’s our turn to respond. What will we do?...

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An Adventure with God

The adventure of life with God gives us healing and joy and blessing, but it also stretches us. We leave familiar territory, relationships, programs, and narratives behind when we launch out into this adventure....

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