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Good works

God pulls us into his activity....

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God's good gift

Salvation is a gift, not a payment for services rendered....

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Motivated by love

God’s great love for us has the final say in our lives....

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Correct the Rear-View

God changes the story of our past, but he doesn’t rewrite history. He adds new chapters. And each new chapter reshapes how we see the entire story....

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The way you used to be

A humble memory of where you came from ...

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In the highest place

Christ will always be the highest authority. No one will topple him, surpass him, or overthrow him....

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Jesus at the Center

God is at the center of Paul’s vision and at the center of our lives....

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Pray to know

Above all, Paul prioritized knowing God, so that’s what he asked God to do for his friends....

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Giving Thanks

What are we missing when the focus of our prayer lives is only asking for things?...

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Faith and Love

You can’t have meaningful faith in the Lord Jesus without also having love for all God’s people; you can’t have love for all God’s people without also placing your faith in the Lord Jesus....

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