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North Chatham | 10:00am

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An Empowered Example

The example Jesus gives us lands in the midst of God’s empowering work in our lives....

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Second Philemon

Sorry to flood your inbox, but I just remembered that I wanted to add something....

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Bond Brothers

When we’re included in Christ, new bonds spring into existence between us and each and every individual who is connected with God....

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Real people and real activism

Human connection is an essential element for Christian social engagement. It’s what makes Christian social engagement distinctly Christian....

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Love as the foundation of activism

Love doesn’t preclude passing laws, boycotting, protesting, or engaging in activism. Love shapes the way we do all of these things. ...

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Read or listen to Philemon

This week we’re going to be studying a whole book of the Bible. Sure, it’s only one chapter. But that still counts!...

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The Joy of Helping

Amazing things happen when we obey God....

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A powerful paradigm shift

Ananias needed to see differently before he could do differently. ...

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The Dance of Inclusion

The reason Jesus includes Ananias has little or nothing to do with Ananias and a lot to do with Jesus....

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Getting what you wish for

Comfort and Challenge with Jesus...

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