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God is serious about our redemption

The Spirit is God’s very presence with us. He doesn’t just welcome us to ping him when we have a minute; he wants to spend time with us....

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Hearing and believing

God’s good work in us invites us every day to both hear and believe....

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To the praise of his glory

Wouldn’t you love for everything that’s glorious about God to be on display in you? ...

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The one on predestination

Paul talks about something he calls “predestination” and treats it like good news....

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You are wanted

Adoption is special. The child or person being adopted is chosen, wanted, added to a new family....

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Everything in Christ

Jesus gives us access to every spiritual blessing....

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Grace and peace to you

God the father who welcomes you and Jesus the prince who loves you send grace and peace to you every minute of every day...

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God's holy people

We become God’s holy people only in and with and through Christ Jesus....

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By the will of God

God works actively, daily to shape us into the people he wants us to become....

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Welcome to Ephesians

This week we’re kicking off a new series out of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. And as we get started, it might be helpful for you to learn about Ephesus and the folks who received this letter....

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