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God will meet you

Wherever you are, God can meet you there. He can meet you when no one else wants to listen to you. He can meet you even when you doubt....

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Speaking of Easter

One way we can lift our voices to glorify God is to talk to people about him. This could involve sharing your story of God’s work in your life, telling someone about something you’re learning about God, or directly inviting someone to connect with God....

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The Shouting Stones

In today’s passage, Jesus points to a very important truth: God is worthy of our praise. ...

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The Caution of the Pharisees

When you’re swept into the worship of God, lifted to the heights of prayer, plunged into the depths of scripture, filled with zeal for justice … those are always the moments when the pharisaical voices begin to ring in our hearts....

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Great expectations of Jesus

This is not what the crowd expected....

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Preparing for Easter

It’s less than two weeks away. With forecasts of snow showers and promises of spring break, if you blink you’ll miss it....

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Anyone can say the words. ...

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Theological conundrums

What do you do when you bump into things Jesus says or does that you don’t approve of, don’t understand, or don’t enjoy? ...

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Cutting in line

We’re invited by God today to witness the friendliness of Jesus....

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On Emotional Whiplash

What we do in the face of emotional whiplash and deep disappointment makes all the difference in the world. ...

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