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God takes initiative

God is doing amazing things in the world, unlooked for amazing things. We feel so grateful that God has taken the initiative to bless, heal, and bring about reconciliation....

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Doomed to misfortune

The scope of the challenges that face us when we roll up our sleeve to engage the world for good can paralyze us....

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Fruits of Your Labor

For those of us who labor ...

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Progress toward the Promise

Our tiny acts of service, performed with great love, link together into a great chain of progress. Pulled by the Lord, this chain of progress lifts our community a little bit every day, a little bit every year....

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Sure Promises

God will make all things new. He’s promised to time and time again. He didn’t promise this on a whim. He hasn’t forgotten his promise. He can do it. And he surely will....

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Everything new

Do you believe this is true?...

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Imagine New

God’s cosmic new-making mission will radically change the way the world works....

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Some days it feels like our sadness will last forever. But it won’t. It won’t. Our Father will stop the madness. He will make it stop. We will wipe our tears from our eyes....

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Experiencing the presence of God

Jesus has removed every reason for us to be terrified of God. So we can go searching for him without fear. And we can find him and discover that he’s been with us ...

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Cosmic New

God’s new-making mission takes place on a cosmic scale. It’s bigger than any of us. We’re so small, but so dearly loved. And this is good news....

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