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People and Structures

Posted January 31, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |1 Comments

One of the things we love about Nehemiah’s story is that he manages to care both for people and structures. He doesn’t just have warm and fuzzy sympathetic feelings for his fellow Jews, he also cares about the state of Jerusalem’s walls.... Keep Reading

Asking the question

Posted January 30, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |1 Comments

Choosing to care does something in our souls. The Lord works with that choice, enriches it and expands it and nourishes it. Choosing to care slips you into the center of God’s great work.... Keep Reading

Growth and Vulnerability

Posted January 27, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |1 Comments

Life in the church brings our vulnerabilities to the surface. This is perhaps never more true than when a church is growing.... Keep Reading

The Lord's outside influence

Posted January 26, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |1 Comments

The Lord delights to do the seemingly impossible.... Keep Reading

One barrier-breaking example

Posted January 25, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |0 Comments

Don’t encourage people to imitate your behavior. When they’re inspired by the Lord’s work in your life, encourage them to connect with God.... Keep Reading

The Blessing of Community

Posted January 24, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |2 Comments

When the Lord grows a community, when the Lord grows a church, when the Lord grows a person … the blessings spill beyond that the life of that community, church, or person.... Keep Reading

God at Work

Posted January 23, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |1 Comments

The political and military machinations of the world powers look like ultimate powers, but God is also at work. God’s work continues even in seasons of difficulty and uncertainty. And God’s work is the work that matters most.... Keep Reading

Good Soil

Posted January 20, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |0 Comments

There is good soil out there, soil that’s been prepared, hearts that are ready to hear and accept that word of the Lord. ... Keep Reading

3 Barriers

Posted January 19, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |2 Comments

Jesus insightfully lists 3 things that can keep the word of God from bearing fruit in your life: worries, wealth, and distraction.... Keep Reading

Prepare for trouble

Posted January 18, 2017 by: Alex and Steve |0 Comments

Troubles and persecutions can come as a result of our faith. If we haven’t put down deep roots, our faith won’t survive.... Keep Reading

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