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Don't be discouraged

The reflected glory shines brightly in the dark....

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On display in the church

God’s choice to identify with us was, according to Paul, his way of making his wisdom known to the entire cosmos....

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Paul's big mysteries

We don’t have to jettison our ethnic identities in order to fully participate in the body of Christ....

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Mixing with mysteries

Paul didn’t want the Christian mysteries to be held in secret as copyrighted proprietary instruction. He wanted everyone to talk about these great mysteries....

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Paul's call and ours

Paul had a beautiful call from the Lord. What’s yours? ...

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Creating space to connect with God

God has chosen to make himself know to the world through us, to meet with people through us, to identify with us....

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Tearing down the walls

If Jesus can stand alive on the mountain top, he can bring us there with him....

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Far to near

When Jesus brings us near to God and to other people, he does it in a way that challenges and changes us....

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The Exclusion Experience

In God’s good goodness, he goes out of his way to connect with those of us who live as outsiders....

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Identifying the Divides

Our world is full of divides....

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