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Be aware

Awareness of God’s activity can boost your God-confidence....

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Whispered wisdom

As you navigate difficult situations and relationships, God's presence can fill you with tremendous confidence....

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Joseph’s past and his present collided. He had a decision to make....

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Paying attention

All too often we get so busy doing our good work that we forget to connect with the people who God has placed in our path....

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As God poured his blessings out on Joseph, the cupbearer and the baker benefitted as well. This can also happen to us in hard times....

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Integrity's Reward

What happens inside of us when we see people punished for showing integrity? ...

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Blessing and Boundary

God gave blessings and God gave boundaries. Joseph knew that he couldn’t accept one without the other....

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With success comes challenge....

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The Lord’s blessing on the household didn’t remove Joseph’s challenges, but they did change his experience....

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Your prospering doesn’t ultimately depend on your circumstances....

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